Under 13's Boys


It was on the road today for the guys who made the away trip to Lusk to play the strongest team in our division Round Towers at their home ground …

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Thomas Ashe “A” v Naomh Mearnog “A” Friday night back under the lights in St Margarets seen Thomas Ashe “A” under 13s come up against a tough opponent in Naomh …

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The minor girls played in a thrilling opening to the championship away to Ballyboden last night. Unfortunately, they just fell short on the night losing by a single point, 1:10 …

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A huge thanks to Anthony and Fiona from CVR Ltd – Commercial Vehicle Repair – based in St Margarets – on their generous sponsorship of not 1 but 2 sets …

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A very tough encounter against a strong Erin’s Isle team seen our U13A lads come out on top as worthy winners by a scoreline of 6-13 to 5-11 giving us …

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Good win last Saturday 10th of July in St Margaret’s for Thomas Ashe A U13 team against Ranelagh gaels. Finished result 6 12 to 4 5. Good to get our …

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Great performance by all players, especially the last 15 minutes when we dominated but just a bit too late.

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Under 13 Boys (U13 Grading Football League – Div 3, Div 9, & Div 12) fixtures, results and tables now available for the season.

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The U13 Thomas Ashe team kicked off the new 2020 season on Saturday with the 1st & 2nd teams playing in their qualifying divisions and the 3rd team playing a …

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Thomas Ashe u13s had a good win today against Ballyboden C in the Division 5 league. It was a good team performance by the lads in horrible conditions. Thanks to …

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U13 Grading Football League Division 3

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Thomas Ashe A541015566899
Ballinteer St Johns A531114586597
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy A4301172721006
Fingallians A43017057136
Clontarf A520311198134
Whitehall Colmcille A410376123-472
Trinity Gaels510494213-1192
Craobh Chiarain400428136-1080
U13 Grading Football League Div.3
13:30Fingallians A5-14vs4-10Whitehall Colmcille AMore
13:30Thomas Ashe A9-11vs6-3Clanna Gael-Fontenoy AMore
14:00Ballinteer St Johns A5-5vs0-5Clontarf AMore
15:00Trinity Gaels 9-10vs4-3Craobh Chiarain More
15:00Craobh Chiarain -vs-Fingallians AConceded by Craobh ChiarainMore
13:00Thomas Ashe A5-4vs3-5Clontarf AMore
15:15Trinity Gaels 4-7vs15-14Ballinteer St Johns Avr dh 22/2More
13:30Thomas Ashe A8-7vs0-10Trinity Gaels More
15:00Ballinteer St Johns A5-15vs3-7Whitehall Colmcille AMore
15:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy A14-10vs3-3Craobh Chiarain More
15:00Clontarf A4-7vs3-6Fingallians AMore
13:45Clontarf A11-17vs4-7Trinity Gaels More
15:30Ballinteer St Johns A3-11vs4-8Thomas Ashe AMore
15:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy A12-5vs2-7Whitehall Colmcille AMore
18:30Craobh Chiarain 0-1vs11-14Thomas Ashe Aorig 21/3 & 12/09More
18:30Whitehall Colmcille A6-7vs2-17Clontarf Aorig 21/3More
15:30Fingallians A6-8vs3-7Ballinteer St Johns Aorig 21/3More
15:30Trinity Gaels 1-6vs18-4Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Aorig 21/3More
15:30Ballinteer St Johns A-vs-Craobh Chiarain orig 4/4More
15:30Clontarf A-vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Aorig 4/4More
15:30Thomas Ashe A-vs-Fingallians Aorig 4/4More
15:30Trinity Gaels -vs-Whitehall Colmcille Aorig 4/4More
15:00Fingallians A-vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Aorig 22/2More
15:00Whitehall Colmcille A-vs-Craobh Chiarain orig 22/2More
15:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy A-vs-Ballinteer St Johns Aorig 25/4More
15:30Craobh Chiarain -vs-Clontarf Aorig 25/4More
15:30Fingallians A-vs-Trinity Gaels orig 25/4More
15:30Whitehall Colmcille A-vs-Thomas Ashe Aorig 25/4More

U13 Grading Football League Division 9

Fixtures, Results & Tables

St Finians (N)4400151371148
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B5302139102376
Good Counsel Liffey Gaels43017560156
Thomas Ashe B52038199-184
St Patricks (D) B52036489-254
Castleknock C520389122-334
Beann Eadair41124780-333
Naomh Olaf B40133592-571
U13 Grading Football League Div.9
15:00Beann Eadair 3-4vs1-5Thomas Ashe BMore
15:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B6-10vs3-0Naomh Olaf BMore
15:00Good Counsel Liffey Gaels 8-6vs5-3Castleknock CMore
15:00St Finians (N) 6-7vs0-3St Patricks (D) BMore
13:00Castleknock C6-4vs2-1Thomas Ashe BMore
14:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B6-9vs4-2St Patricks (D) BMore
13:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B10-10vs1-1Beann Eadair More
13:30Naomh Olaf B3-4vs4-6Thomas Ashe BMore
13:30St Patricks (D) B3-3vs3-4Good Counsel Liffey Gaels More
15:00St Finians (N) 19-12vs2-3Castleknock CMore
14:00Naomh Olaf B0-1vs8-10Castleknock CMore
14:00St Patricks (D) B4-8vs4-6Beann Eadair More
14:30St Finians (N) 8-12vs0-7Clanna Gael-Fontenoy BMore
15:30Thomas Ashe B2-3vs3-5Good Counsel Liffey Gaels More
15:30Beann Eadair 2-6vs3-3Naomh Olaf Borig 21/3More
15:30Castleknock C1-3vs3-6St Patricks (D) Borig 21/3More
15:30Good Counsel Liffey Gaels 4-6vs3-12St Finians (N) More
15:30Thomas Ashe B10-9vs10-7Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Borig 21/3More
15:30Beann Eadair -vs-Castleknock Corig 4/4More
15:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B-vs-Good Counsel Liffey Gaels orig 4/4More
15:30St Finians (N) -vs-Thomas Ashe Borig 4/4More
15:30St Patricks (D) B-vs-Naomh Olaf Borig 4/4More
15:00Beann Eadair -vs-St Finians (N) orig 22/2More
15:00Good Counsel Liffey Gaels -vs-Naomh Olaf Borig 22/2More
15:30Castleknock C-vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Borig 25/4More
15:30Good Counsel Liffey Gaels -vs-Beann Eadair orig 25/4More
15:30Naomh Olaf B-vs-St Finians (N) orig 25/4More
15:30Thomas Ashe B-vs-St Patricks (D) Borig 25/4More
U13 Grading Football League Division 12

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Fingallians C44009446488
Clontarf C43017642346
St Judes C32013755-184
St James Gaels/An Caislean41123362-293
Raheny C61055140112
Thomas Ashe C41031466-522
U13 Grading Football League Div.12
13:30Clontarf C4-4vs8-9Raheny CMore
15:00Bye -vs-Thomas Ashe CConceded by ByeMore
15:00Fingallians C13-11vs4-1St Judes CMore
15:00Shankill -vs-St James Gaels/An Caislean not playedMore
13:00Fingallians C7-7vs9-0St James Gaels/An Caislean More
13:00St James Gaels/An Caislean 1-3vs8-10Clontarf CMore
13:30St Judes C5-9vs1-2Thomas Ashe CMore
15:00Fingallians C-vs-Bye More
15:00Shankill 7-3vs5-3Raheny CMore
14:00Thomas Ashe C0-3vs5-11Clontarf CMore
15:30Shankill -vs-Fingallians Cnot playedMore
15:30St James Gaels/An Caislean -vs-Bye More
15:30St Judes C-vs-Raheny CConceded by Raheny CMore
14:00Clontarf C-vs-Shankill Conceded by ShankillMore
14:00Raheny C-vs-St James Gaels/An Caislean Conceded by Raheny CMore
14:00Thomas Ashe C1-3vs3-7Fingallians Corig 21/3More
15:30Bye -vs-St Judes Corig 21/3More
15:30Bye -vs-Raheny CConceded by Raheny CMore
15:30Fingallians C-vs-Clontarf Corig 4/4More
15:30Shankill -vs-Thomas Ashe Corig 4/4More
15:30St James Gaels/An Caislean -vs-St Judes Corig 4/4More
15:30Raheny C-vs-Fingallians CConceded by Raheny CMore
15:00Bye -vs-Shankill orig 22/2More
15:00Clontarf C-vs-St Judes Corig 22/2More
15:00Raheny C-vs-Thomas Ashe CConceded by Raheny CMore
15:30Clontarf C-vs-Bye orig 25/4More
15:30St Judes C-vs-Shankill orig 25/4More
15:30Thomas Ashe C-vs-St James Gaels/An Caislean orig 25/4More