Under 13's Boys


Under 13 Boys (U13 Grading Football League – Div 3, Div 9, & Div 12) fixtures, results and tables now available for the season.

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The U13 Thomas Ashe team kicked off the new 2020 season on Saturday with the 1st & 2nd teams playing in their qualifying divisions and the 3rd team playing a friendly against Lucan. The lads kicked off with a 1st team win against Clanna Gael/Fontenoty in the Valley with a second hand performance that was …

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Thomas Ashe u13s had a good win today against Ballyboden C in the Division 5 league. It was a good team performance by the lads in horrible conditions. Thanks to all the supporters from St Finians and St Margaret’s parishes who braved the weather to cheer on the team.

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U13 Grading Football League Division 3

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Thomas Ashe A22005735224
Ballinteer St Johns A22007924554
Fingallians A2200292274
Trinity Gaels21015674-182
Whitehall Colmcille A10012229-70
Clontarf A20021939-200
Craobh Chiarain20021537-220
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy A10012138-170
U13 Grading Football League Div.3
13:30Fingallians A5-14vs4-10Whitehall Colmcille AMore
13:30Thomas Ashe A9-11vs6-3Clanna Gael-Fontenoy AMore
14:00Ballinteer St Johns A5-5vs0-5Clontarf AMore
15:00Trinity Gaels 9-10vs4-3Craobh Chiarain More
13:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy A-vs-Whitehall Colmcille AMore
15:00Ballinteer St Johns A-vs-Thomas Ashe AMore
15:00Clontarf A-vs-Trinity Gaels More
15:00Craobh Chiarain -vs-Fingallians AConceded by Craobh ChiarainMore
13:00Thomas Ashe A5-4vs3-5Clontarf AMore
13:00Whitehall Colmcille A-vs-Craobh Chiarain not playedMore
14:30Fingallians A-vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy ANot PlayedMore
15:15Trinity Gaels 4-7vs15-14Ballinteer St Johns Avr dh 22/2More
15:00Ballinteer St Johns A-vs-Whitehall Colmcille AMore
15:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy A-vs-Craobh Chiarain More
15:00Clontarf A-vs-Fingallians AMore
15:00Thomas Ashe A-vs-Trinity Gaels More
15:00Craobh Chiarain -vs-Thomas Ashe AMore
15:00Fingallians A-vs-Ballinteer St Johns AMore
15:00Trinity Gaels -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy AMore
15:00Whitehall Colmcille A-vs-Clontarf AMore
15:30Ballinteer St Johns A-vs-Craobh Chiarain More
15:30Clontarf A-vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy AMore
15:30Thomas Ashe A-vs-Fingallians AMore
15:30Trinity Gaels -vs-Whitehall Colmcille AMore
15:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy A-vs-Ballinteer St Johns AMore
15:30Craobh Chiarain -vs-Clontarf AMore
15:30Fingallians A-vs-Trinity Gaels More
15:30Whitehall Colmcille A-vs-Thomas Ashe AMore

U13 Grading Football League Division 9

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B22005523324
Good Counsel Liffey Gaels11003018122
Beann Eadair110013852
St Finians (N)1100253222
Castleknock C2101403732
St Patricks (D) B20021752-350
Thomas Ashe B20021535-200
Naomh Olaf B1001928-190
U13 Grading Football League Div.9
15:00Beann Eadair 3-4vs1-5Thomas Ashe BMore
15:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B6-10vs3-0Naomh Olaf BMore
15:00Good Counsel Liffey Gaels 8-6vs5-3Castleknock CMore
15:00St Finians (N) 6-7vs0-3St Patricks (D) BMore
13:30Naomh Olaf B-vs-Castleknock CMore
13:30St Finians (N) -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy BMore
15:00St Patricks (D) B-vs-Beann Eadair More
15:00Thomas Ashe B-vs-Good Counsel Liffey Gaels More
13:00Beann Eadair -vs-St Finians (N) not playedMore
13:00Castleknock C6-4vs2-1Thomas Ashe BMore
14:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B6-9vs4-2St Patricks (D) BMore
14:00Good Counsel Liffey Gaels -vs-Naomh Olaf BNot PlayedMore
15:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B-vs-Beann Eadair More
15:00Naomh Olaf B-vs-Thomas Ashe BMore
15:00St Finians (N) -vs-Castleknock CMore
15:00St Patricks (D) B-vs-Good Counsel Liffey Gaels More
15:00Beann Eadair -vs-Naomh Olaf BMore
15:00Castleknock C-vs-St Patricks (D) BMore
15:00Good Counsel Liffey Gaels -vs-St Finians (N) More
15:00Thomas Ashe B-vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy BMore
15:30Beann Eadair -vs-Castleknock CMore
15:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy B-vs-Good Counsel Liffey Gaels More
15:30St Finians (N) -vs-Thomas Ashe BMore
15:30St Patricks (D) B-vs-Naomh Olaf BMore
15:30Castleknock C-vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy BMore
15:30Good Counsel Liffey Gaels -vs-Beann Eadair More
15:30Naomh Olaf B-vs-St Finians (N) More
15:30Thomas Ashe B-vs-St Patricks (D) BMore
U13 Grading Football League Division 12

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Fingallians C22007840384
Thomas Ashe C11000002
Raheny C11003316172
St James Gaels/An Caislean10012728-10
St Judes C10011350-370
Clontarf C10011633-170
U13 Grading Football League Div.12
13:30Clontarf C4-4vs8-9Raheny CMore
15:00Bye -vs-Thomas Ashe CConceded by ByeMore
15:00Fingallians C13-11vs4-1St Judes CMore
15:00Shankill -vs-St James Gaels/An Caislean not playedMore
13:30St Judes C-vs-Raheny CMore
13:30Thomas Ashe C-vs-Clontarf CMore
15:00Shankill -vs-Fingallians CMore
15:00St James Gaels/An Caislean -vs-Bye More
13:00Clontarf C-vs-St Judes Cnot playedMore
13:00Fingallians C7-7vs9-0St James Gaels/An Caislean More
13:00Raheny C-vs-Thomas Ashe CNot PlayedMore
15:00Bye -vs-Shankill More
15:00Fingallians C-vs-Bye More
15:00Shankill -vs-Raheny CMore
15:00St James Gaels/An Caislean -vs-Clontarf CMore
15:00St Judes C-vs-Thomas Ashe CMore
15:00Bye -vs-St Judes CMore
15:00Clontarf C-vs-Shankill More
15:00Raheny C-vs-St James Gaels/An Caislean More
15:00Thomas Ashe C-vs-Fingallians CMore
15:30Bye -vs-Raheny CMore
15:30Fingallians C-vs-Clontarf CMore
15:30Shankill -vs-Thomas Ashe CMore
15:30St James Gaels/An Caislean -vs-St Judes CMore
15:30Clontarf C-vs-Bye More
15:30Raheny C-vs-Fingallians CMore
15:30St Judes C-vs-Shankill More
15:30Thomas Ashe C-vs-St James Gaels/An Caislean More