Under 9s Mixed


St Margarets U10s prevail against Round Towers of Lusk We fielded 2 strong sides and demonstrated some lovely passing and moving The potential of this team is clear Keep concentrating, …

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St Margarets U10s prevailed in glorious sunshine this morning against Parnells side in Coolock We fielded 2 strong sides and demonstrated a fine array of skills from countless training sessions …

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Well done all who took part in our first match back in 2022 against Garristown in Windmill Way. Thanks also to the management team – David Rielly, Greg Doyle, Leslie …

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Congratulations to our super U9s who braved the artic weather last night in Fingal Ravens to put in 4 halves of excellent football. The numbers that turned up just show …

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Great performance by our 2 teams on Sat morning against 2 strong Donaghmore sides!

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Two great performances by our u9s Saturday morning against Erins isle. With this being a bit of a local derby it wasn’t going to disappoint! This team are putting on …

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Well done to the U9s mixed this morning Super performances against 2 very strong Ballymun Kickhams sides This was the toughest challenge we’ve come up against so far and we …

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Well done to everyone for this mornings performance V an army of Trinity Gaels U9s in Donaghmede 2 evenly matched teams gave everything in both matches There was good shape, …

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Super morning this morning with 2 of our U9 Mixed teams lining out against 2 of Donaghmore Ashbourne Real determination, skill by all players in both games Positional awareness, picking …

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A huge thanks to Anthony and Fiona from CVR Ltd – Commercial Vehicle Repair – based in St Margarets – on their generous sponsorship of not 1 but 2 sets …

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Great performance by all, team showed great heart etc the bravery with so many blocks carried out was unreal. And the skill, teamwork, score taking and good old St Margaret’s …

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The future of our club – the U9s Mixed seldomly disappoint  – this game was no exception – full of future stars! This team scare opponents with their speed, skill …

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The U9s took on Man O’War this morning in a series of thrilling encounters – the excitement of both clubs obvious – parents and kids! And neither side disappointed with …

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Match against Fingallians Saturday morning. Kick off is 11am. Meeting at 10.30! Don’t forget gum shield. Sent from my iPhone

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U9s play Craobh Chiarain Saturday at home. Kick off is 10am. Sent from my iPhone

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Fixtures, Results & Tables

Ballymun Kickhams00000000
Fingallians 200000000
Man O War00000000
Round Towers (L)00000000
St Maurs00000000
St Vincents 200000000
Bye 100000000
Na Dubh Ghall00000000
St Finians (S)00000000
Craobh Chiarain00000000
Erin Go Bragh00000000
Naomh Fionnbarra00000000
St Margarets00000000
St Peregrines00000000
Erins Isle00000000
St Peters00000000
U9 Football Gp.2 (2 Teams) Northside Revised
10:00Bye 1-vs-Fingallians 2More
10:00Craobh Chiarain -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
10:00St Maurs -vs-St Margarets More
11:00Erins Isle -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Man O War More
11:00Parnells -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
11:00St Finians (S) -vs-Round Towers (L) More
11:00St Vincents 2-vs-St Peregrines More
10:00Man O War -vs-Parnells More
10:00Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Finians (S) More
10:00St Margarets -vs-Craobh Chiarain More
10:00St Peregrines -vs-Bye 1More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
11:00Round Towers (L) -vs-St Vincents 2More
11:30Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Erins Isle More
12:15Fingallians 2-vs-St Maurs More
10:00St Maurs -vs-St Peregrines More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
11:00Parnells -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
11:00St Finians (S) -vs-Man O War More
11:00St Margarets -vs-Fingallians 2More
11:00St Peters -vs-Round Towers (L) More
11:15Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Vincents 2More
11:30Craobh Chiarain -vs-Erins Isle More
10:00Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Peters More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Finians (S) More
11:00Erins Isle -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
11:00Man O War -vs-St Vincents 2More
11:00St Peregrines -vs-St Margarets More
11:30Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Parnells More
11:30Round Towers (L) -vs-St Maurs More
12:15Fingallians 2-vs-Craobh Chiarain More
10:00Craobh Chiarain -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
10:00Parnells -vs-Erins Isle More
10:00St Margarets -vs-Round Towers (L) More
10:00St Maurs -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
10:00St Peters -vs-Man O War More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Vincents 2More
11:00Fingallians 2-vs-St Peregrines More
11:00St Finians (S) -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Fingallians 2Round 10More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Man O War Round 14More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Round Towers (L) Round 12More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-St Maurs Round 8More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-St Vincents 2Round 6More
Bye 1-vs-Ballymun Kickhams Round 7More
Bye 1-vs-Na Dubh Ghall Round 9More
Bye 1-vs-St Finians (S) Round 11More
Bye 1-vs-St Maurs Round 14More
Craobh Chiarain -vs-Bye 1Round 13More
Craobh Chiarain -vs-Parnells Round 7More
Craobh Chiarain -vs-St Finians (S) Round 9More
Craobh Chiarain -vs-St Vincents 2Round 11More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-Ballymun Kickhams Round 15More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-Bye 1Round 6More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-Craobh Chiarain Round 14More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra Round 12More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Margarets Round 8More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Peregrines Round 10More
Erins Isle -vs-Bye 1Round 8More
Erins Isle -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra Round 14More
Erins Isle -vs-St Finians (S) Round 6More
Erins Isle -vs-St Margarets Round 10More
Erins Isle -vs-St Peregrines Round 12More
Fingallians 2-vs-Erin Go Bragh Round 9More
Fingallians 2-vs-Erins Isle Round 11More
Fingallians 2-vs-Naomh Fionnbarra Round 7More
Fingallians 2-vs-Parnells Round 13More
Fingallians 2-vs-St Vincents 2Round 15More
Man O War -vs-Craobh Chiarain Round 12More
Man O War -vs-Erin Go Bragh Round 13More
Man O War -vs-Erins Isle Round 15More
Man O War -vs-Fingallians 2Round 8More
Man O War -vs-Round Towers (L) Round 10More
Man O War -vs-St Maurs Round 6More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Fingallians 2Round 12More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Parnells Round 6More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Round Towers (L) Round 14More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-St Maurs Round 10More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-St Vincents 2Round 8More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Ballymun Kickhams Round 13More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Craobh Chiarain Round 10More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Man O War Round 11More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Na Dubh Ghall Round 15More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Margarets Round 6More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Peregrines Round 8More
Parnells -vs-Bye 1Round 10More
Parnells -vs-St Finians (S) Round 8More
Parnells -vs-St Margarets Round 12More
Parnells -vs-St Peregrines Round 14More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Craobh Chiarain Round 8More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Erin Go Bragh Round 11More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Erins Isle Round 13More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Fingallians 2Round 6More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra Round 9More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Parnells Round 15More
St Finians (S) -vs-Fingallians 2Round 14More
St Finians (S) -vs-Na Dubh Ghall Round 7More
St Finians (S) -vs-St Maurs Round 12More
St Finians (S) -vs-St Vincents 2Round 10More
St Margarets -vs-Ballymun Kickhams Round 9More
St Margarets -vs-Bye 1Round 15More
St Margarets -vs-Man O War Round 7More
St Margarets -vs-Na Dubh Ghall Round 11More
St Margarets -vs-St Finians (S) Round 13More
St Maurs -vs-Craobh Chiarain Round 15More
St Maurs -vs-Erin Go Bragh Round 7More
St Maurs -vs-Erins Isle Round 9More
St Maurs -vs-Parnells Round 11More
St Maurs -vs-St Vincents 2Round 13More
St Peregrines -vs-Ballymun Kickhams Round 11More
St Peregrines -vs-Craobh Chiarain Round 6More
St Peregrines -vs-Man O War Round 9More
St Peregrines -vs-Na Dubh Ghall Round 13More
St Peregrines -vs-Round Towers (L) Round 7More
St Peregrines -vs-St Finians (S) Round 15More
St Vincents 2-vs-Bye 1Round 12More
St Vincents 2-vs-Erins Isle Round 7More
St Vincents 2-vs-Parnells Round 9More
St Vincents 2-vs-St Margarets Round 14More