Under 9s Mixed


Match against Fingallians Saturday morning. Kick off is 11am. Meeting at 10.30! Don’t forget gum shield. Sent from my iPhone

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Don’t forget water and gum shield! Sent from my iPhone

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U9s play Craobh Chiarain Saturday at home. Kick off is 10am. Sent from my iPhone

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Training tomorrow evening 6th September from 7-8. Don’t forget water and gum shields. Sent from my iPhone

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Fixtures, Results & Tables

Naomh Fionnbarra00000000
Erin Go Bragh00000000
St Margarets00000000
St Peregrines00000000
St Peters00000000
Erins Isle00000000
Craobh Chiarain00000000
St Finians (S)00000000
Round Towers (L)00000000
Man O War00000000
Fingallians 200000000
St Maurs00000000
St Vincents 200000000
Na Dubh Ghall00000000
Ballymun Kickhams00000000
U9 Football Gp.2 (2 Teams) Northside Revised
10:00Bye -vs-Fingallians 2More
10:00Craobh Chiarain -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
10:00St Maurs -vs-St Margarets More
11:00Erins Isle -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Man O War More
11:00Parnells -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
11:00St Finians (S) -vs-Round Towers (L) More
11:00St Vincents 2-vs-St Peregrines More
10:00Man O War -vs-Parnells More
10:00Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Finians (S) More
10:00St Margarets -vs-Craobh Chiarain More
10:00St Peregrines -vs-Bye More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
11:00Round Towers (L) -vs-St Vincents 2More
11:30Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Erins Isle More
12:15Fingallians 2-vs-St Maurs More
10:00St Maurs -vs-St Peregrines More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
11:00Parnells -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
11:00St Finians (S) -vs-Man O War More
11:00St Margarets -vs-Fingallians 2More
11:00St Peters -vs-Round Towers (L) More
11:15Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Vincents 2More
11:30Craobh Chiarain -vs-Erins Isle More
10:00Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Peters More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Finians (S) More
11:00Erins Isle -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
11:00Man O War -vs-St Vincents 2More
11:00St Peregrines -vs-St Margarets More
11:30Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Parnells More
11:30Round Towers (L) -vs-St Maurs More
12:15Fingallians 2-vs-Craobh Chiarain More
10:00Craobh Chiarain -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
10:00Parnells -vs-Erins Isle More
10:00St Margarets -vs-Round Towers (L) More
10:00St Maurs -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
10:00St Peters -vs-Man O War More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Vincents 2More
11:00Fingallians 2-vs-St Peregrines More
11:00St Finians (S) -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Fingallians 2More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Man O War More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Round Towers (L) More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-St Maurs More
Ballymun Kickhams -vs-St Vincents 2More
Bye -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
Bye -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
Bye -vs-St Finians (S) More
Bye -vs-St Maurs More
Craobh Chiarain -vs-Bye More
Craobh Chiarain -vs-Parnells More
Craobh Chiarain -vs-St Finians (S) More
Craobh Chiarain -vs-St Vincents 2More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-Bye More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-Craobh Chiarain More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Margarets More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Peregrines More
Erins Isle -vs-Bye More
Erins Isle -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
Erins Isle -vs-St Finians (S) More
Erins Isle -vs-St Margarets More
Erins Isle -vs-St Peregrines More
Fingallians 2-vs-Erin Go Bragh More
Fingallians 2-vs-Erins Isle More
Fingallians 2-vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
Fingallians 2-vs-Parnells More
Fingallians 2-vs-St Vincents 2More
Man O War -vs-Craobh Chiarain More
Man O War -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
Man O War -vs-Erins Isle More
Man O War -vs-Fingallians 2More
Man O War -vs-Round Towers (L) More
Man O War -vs-St Maurs More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Fingallians 2More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Parnells More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Round Towers (L) More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-St Maurs More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-St Vincents 2More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Craobh Chiarain More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Man O War More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Margarets More
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Peregrines More
Parnells -vs-Bye More
Parnells -vs-St Finians (S) More
Parnells -vs-St Margarets More
Parnells -vs-St Peregrines More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Craobh Chiarain More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Erins Isle More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Fingallians 2More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Parnells More
St Finians (S) -vs-Fingallians 2More
St Finians (S) -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
St Finians (S) -vs-St Maurs More
St Finians (S) -vs-St Vincents 2More
St Margarets -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
St Margarets -vs-Bye More
St Margarets -vs-Man O War More
St Margarets -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
St Margarets -vs-St Finians (S) More
St Maurs -vs-Craobh Chiarain More
St Maurs -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
St Maurs -vs-Erins Isle More
St Maurs -vs-Parnells More
St Maurs -vs-St Vincents 2More
St Peregrines -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
St Peregrines -vs-Craobh Chiarain More
St Peregrines -vs-Man O War More
St Peregrines -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
St Peregrines -vs-Round Towers (L) More
St Peregrines -vs-St Finians (S) More
St Vincents 2-vs-Bye More
St Vincents 2-vs-Erins Isle More
St Vincents 2-vs-Parnells More
St Vincents 2-vs-St Margarets More