Minor Boys


Minor boys fixtures, results and tables now available season long in the Minor boys section (scroll down).

The minors are back in championship action tomorrow morning taking on division 1 Lucan Sarsfields in the championship semi final in Arthur Griffith Park, Lucan at 11am. Directions are as …

The minors are back in championship action this Sunday when they take on Castleknock & aim to finish top of their group & secure a home semi final. The lads …

Ballinteer St. John’s 0-12 Thomas Ashe 1-16 On paper Thomas Ashe had no right to win this game coming up against Division 1 opposition, however the lads had other ideas …

The minors take on Balinteer St. John in the minor championship tomorrow morning out in Marlay Park at 11 with a place in the semi final up for grabs. The …

—– Forwarded Message —– From: padraigr@eircom.net To: journalist@stmargaretsgaa.ie Sent: Sat, 06 Oct 2018 20:02:57 +0100 (IST) Subject: [65] minor championship Fingal Ravens unable to field a team in the minor …

Fingal Ravens unable to field a team in the minor championship tomorrow & have conceded the game, yet another walkover what a season to forget.

Thomas Ashe 3-12 Nh. Barrog 3-11 Thomas Ashe went into this game following a solid start against Round Towers Clondalkin 2 weeks ago. The game started of really well with …

The full list of fixtures for the minor B championship Group 1 are as follows: Sunday 9th September, 11am Thomas Ashe v Round Towers Clondalkin, in the complex Sunday 23rd …

The Minor Championship starts next Sunday with the lads first match against Round Towers Clondalkin in the complex, throw in 11am.

The Minors will play St Sylvester’s A in the complex on Friday at 7.30pm. All support welcome !

Minor Boys

Fixtures, Results & Tables

St Marys S110013582
Erins Isle1100171252
St Patricks (D)110012842
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy1100141042
Ballyboden St Endas1100288202
St Finians (N)00000000
St Judes00000000
St Patricks (P)10011014-40
Trinity Gaels00000000
St Brigids1001812-40
St Margarets10011217-50
Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels1001828-200
Naomh Fionnbarra00000000
St Peregrines00000000
O Tooles00000000
Adult Football League Division 3
10:30Ballyboden St Endas 4-16vs1-5Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels More
10:30St Margarets 0-12vs1-14Erins Isle More
10:30St Marys S 2-7vs0-5Parnells More
10:30St Patricks (D) 2-6vs0-8St Brigids More
10:30St Patricks (P) 0-10vs2-8Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
10:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-St Marys S More
10:30Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels -vs-Erins Isle More
10:30Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Patricks (D) More
10:30O Tooles -vs-Parnells More
10:30St Brigids -vs-St Margarets More
10:30St Finians (N) -vs-St Peregrines More
10:30St Judes -vs-Ballyboden St Endas More
10:30Trinity Gaels -vs-St Patricks (P) More
18:30Ballyboden St Endas -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
18:30Erins Isle -vs-St Brigids More
18:30Parnells -vs-Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels More
18:30St Margarets -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
18:30St Marys S -vs-St Judes More
18:30St Patricks (D) -vs-Trinity Gaels More
18:30St Patricks (P) -vs-St Finians (N) More
18:30St Peregrines -vs-O Tooles More
19:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-Erins Isle More
19:30Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Marys S More
19:30O Tooles -vs-Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels More
19:30St Brigids -vs-Parnells More
19:30St Finians (N) -vs-St Patricks (D) More
19:30St Judes -vs-St Margarets More
19:30St Peregrines -vs-St Patricks (P) More
19:30Trinity Gaels -vs-Ballyboden St Endas More
19:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-St Peregrines More
19:30Erins Isle -vs-St Marys S More
19:30Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels -vs-St Patricks (D) More
19:30Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Trinity Gaels More
19:30O Tooles -vs-St Margarets More
19:30Parnells -vs-Ballyboden St Endas More
19:30St Brigids -vs-St Patricks (P) More
19:30St Judes -vs-St Finians (N) More
18:30Ballyboden St Endas -vs-St Finians (N) More
18:30Erins Isle -vs-St Judes More
18:30Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels -vs-St Brigids More
18:30Parnells -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
18:30St Margarets -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
18:30St Marys S -vs-Trinity Gaels More
18:30St Patricks (D) -vs-St Peregrines More
18:30St Patricks (P) -vs-O Tooles More
18:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels More
18:30Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Erins Isle More
18:30O Tooles -vs-St Brigids More
18:30St Finians (N) -vs-St Marys S More
18:30St Judes -vs-Parnells More
18:30St Patricks (P) -vs-St Patricks (D) More
18:30St Peregrines -vs-Ballyboden St Endas More
18:30Trinity Gaels -vs-St Margarets More
18:30Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels More
18:30O Tooles -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
18:30St Finians (N) -vs-Erins Isle More
18:30St Judes -vs-St Brigids More
18:30St Patricks (D) -vs-Ballyboden St Endas More
18:30St Patricks (P) -vs-St Marys S More
18:30St Peregrines -vs-St Margarets More
18:30Trinity Gaels -vs-Parnells More
18:30Ballyboden St Endas -vs-O Tooles More
18:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-St Judes More
18:30Erins Isle -vs-St Peregrines More
18:30Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels -vs-Trinity Gaels More
18:30Parnells -vs-St Finians (N) More
18:30St Brigids -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
18:30St Margarets -vs-St Patricks (P) More
18:30St Marys S -vs-St Patricks (D) More
18:30Ballyboden St Endas -vs-St Marys S More
18:30Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
18:30O Tooles -vs-St Judes More
18:30St Finians (N) -vs-Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels More
18:30St Patricks (D) -vs-St Margarets More
18:30St Patricks (P) -vs-Erins Isle More
18:30St Peregrines -vs-Parnells More
18:30Trinity Gaels -vs-St Brigids More
18:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-Trinity Gaels More
18:00Erins Isle -vs-St Patricks (D) More
18:00Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels -vs-St Peregrines More
18:00Parnells -vs-St Patricks (P) More
18:00St Brigids -vs-St Finians (N) More
18:00St Judes -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
18:00St Margarets -vs-Ballyboden St Endas More
18:00St Marys S -vs-O Tooles More
17:30Ballyboden St Endas -vs-Erins Isle More
17:30Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-O Tooles More
17:30St Finians (N) -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
17:30St Marys S -vs-St Margarets More
17:30St Patricks (D) -vs-Parnells More
17:30St Patricks (P) -vs-Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels More
17:30St Peregrines -vs-St Brigids More
17:30Trinity Gaels -vs-St Judes More
17:00Ballyboden St Endas -vs-St Patricks (P) More
17:00Erins Isle -vs-Trinity Gaels More
17:00Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels -vs-St Judes More
17:00Parnells -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
17:00St Brigids -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
17:00St Margarets -vs-St Finians (N) More
17:00St Marys S -vs-St Peregrines More
17:00St Patricks (D) -vs-O Tooles More
Ballyboden St Endas -vs-Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy -vs-St Patricks (D) OFFMore
Erins Isle -vs-Parnells More
Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels -vs-St Marys S OFFMore
Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-St Peregrines OFFMore
O Tooles -vs-Erins Isle OFFMore
Parnells -vs-St Margarets OFFMore
St Brigids -vs-Ballyboden St Endas OFFMore
St Finians (N) -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
St Finians (N) -vs-O Tooles More
St Judes -vs-St Patricks (P) OFFMore
St Margarets -vs-Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels More
St Marys S -vs-St Brigids Agreed by Both Clubs More
St Patricks (D) -vs-St Judes More
St Patricks (P) -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
St Peregrines -vs-St Judes More
St Peregrines -vs-Trinity Gaels More
Trinity Gaels -vs-O Tooles More
Trinity Gaels -vs-St Finians (N) OFFMore