Mens 1st Team


Inters play 2nd round of league this Sunday at home at 1030am v Fingal Ravens all support welcomed

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Conor Sutton will captain the intermediate team for the 2019 season with Steven Sutton taking over as vice captain congratulations to both lads. Many thanks to Aaron Creagan who succesfully captained the team over the past two seasons

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The intermediate team clinched the division 4 league title after a hard fought 7 point win v Skerries at home last Saturday. It ends a 33 year wait for a league title for the clubs first team who won the Joy Cup this year also. The squad have put in a huge effort over the …

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Hi all Great day for the club yesterday with our first team winning the division 4 adult league Super achievement Well done to damien x 2, Paul and sean and all the lads. Role on division 3

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Inters play final league game of the season on Saturday at home at 430pm v Skerries Harps Training this week Tuesday and Thursday 8pm

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Inters play challenge game v Round Towers Lusk this Wednesday 3rd 8pm complex No training Tuesday or Thursday

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Inter game v Thomas Davis away Kiltipper Rd later today is off

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Inter league game v Thomas Davis away Kiltipper Rd Saturday 29th at 5pm all support welcome

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Adult training this week Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm

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Inters play re fixed league game v Thomas Davis away Kiltipper Rd Saturday week 29th September at 5pm

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St Margarets 3-12 Trinity Gaels 1-14 Great game of championship football played in front of a big attendance Very tight 1st half we played into the beeze and Steven Sutton got the scoreboard ticking over with a fisted point. Was score for score thereafter with Darren Newman Conor Sutton and Scott Shier adding points. A …

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Intermediate Championship tomorrow Saturday at 530pm v Trinity Gaels get there and support the lads

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Intermediate and junior training tomorrow Thursday 745pm

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Next up for the Inters is the Championship Saturday 15th Sept home v Trinity Gaels at 5:30pm

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The Inters had a good pre championship work out last night v Ballyboden running out 7 point winners over turning a 5 point half time deficit. Next game is Saturday 15th Sept home v Trinity Gaels at 530pm in the Championship

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Inters play challenge game v Ballyboden St Endas this Tuesday 4th Sep at 8pm at home

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Best of luck to our Intermediates mens team tonight in their league game against St Finians Swords. Game is in Ridgewood at 6.15 pm

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Dublin Football League

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Division 4
St Margarets1512032631838024
Man O War1611232141694524
St Vincents1511042521955722
Clann Mhuire1610062482272120
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy1510052692036620
St Finians (S)15717209220-1115
St Judes157082282022614
Skerries Harps16628251260-914
St Finians (N)14617199235-3613
St Monicas15618200254-5413
St Oliver Plunketts ER154011183258-758
Kilmacud Crokes153111186237-517
Thomas Davis151014166206-402
Adult Football League Division Four
10:15Castleknock 1-13vs0-4Kilmacud Crokes More
10:15Cuala 0-10vs2-3St Judes More
10:15Skerries Harps 1-10vs4-7Raheny More
10:15St Finians (S) 2-12vs1-10Thomas Davis More
10:15St Margarets 3-12vs0-7Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
10:15St Monicas 0-13vs2-13Man O War More
10:15St Oliver Plunketts ER 1-7vs1-3Clann Mhuire More
10:15St Vincents 0-12vs1-15St Finians (N) More
10:15Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 2-5vs1-4Thomas Davis More
10:15Cuala 1-10vs2-6Raheny More
10:15Skerries Harps 0-13vs1-10Castleknock More
10:15St Finians (S) 3-9vs1-10St Finians (N) More
10:15St Margarets 0-14vs1-9Man O War More
10:15St Monicas 2-6vs0-19Clann Mhuire More
10:15St Oliver Plunketts ER 0-15vs1-10Kilmacud Crokes More
10:15St Vincents 1-10vs2-6St Judes More
19:15Castleknock 3-13vs1-9Cuala More
19:15Clann Mhuire 3-8vs2-12St Finians (S) More
19:15Kilmacud Crokes 2-6vs1-14St Vincents More
19:15Man O War 0-12vs1-7Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
19:15Raheny 1-14vs1-8St Oliver Plunketts ER More
19:15St Finians (N) 3-13vs1-8St Margarets More
19:15St Judes 0-10vs2-7St Monicas More
19:15Thomas Davis 2-10vs2-11Skerries Harps More
18:15Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 0-15vs0-10Skerries Harps More
18:15Clann Mhuire 1-9vs1-13St Vincents More
18:15Kilmacud Crokes 1-10vs3-15Cuala More
18:15Man O War 1-5vs0-8St Finians (S) More
18:15Raheny 1-13vs1-14Castleknock More
18:15St Finians (N) 3-14vs0-7St Monicas More
18:15St Judes 4-9vs2-11St Oliver Plunketts ER More
19:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 1-11vs1-5St Finians (N) More
19:30Skerries Harps 3-7vs2-15Cuala More
19:30St Finians (S) 0-11vs0-9St Judes More
19:30St Margarets 1-12vs3-10Clann Mhuire More
19:30St Monicas 1-16vs2-10Kilmacud Crokes More
19:30St Oliver Plunketts ER 2-8vs0-12Castleknock More
19:30St Vincents 2-14vs0-11Raheny More
19:30Thomas Davis 0-10vs0-12Man O War More
19:30Castleknock 1-9vs2-18St Vincents More
19:30Clann Mhuire 0-17vs2-8Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
19:30Cuala 2-13vs1-12St Oliver Plunketts ER More
19:30Kilmacud Crokes 1-9vs0-16St Finians (S) More
19:30Man O War 1-9vs0-12Skerries Harps More
19:30Raheny 0-13vs1-10St Monicas More
19:30St Finians (N) 0-11vs2-15Thomas Davis More
19:30St Judes 1-14vs2-10St Margarets More
19:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 3-13vs1-12St Judes More
19:30Man O War 5-12vs1-4St Finians (N) More
19:30Skerries Harps 3-12vs0-13St Oliver Plunketts ER More
19:30St Finians (S) 0-8vs1-7Raheny More
19:30St Margarets 1-15vs0-15Kilmacud Crokes More
19:30St Monicas 2-13vs0-12Castleknock More
19:30St Vincents 2-10vs2-5Cuala More
19:30Thomas Davis 3-7vs4-10Clann Mhuire More
19:30Castleknock 3-9vs2-11St Finians (S) More
19:30Clann Mhuire 0-9vs1-7Man O War More
19:30Cuala 1-13vs2-9St Monicas More
19:30Kilmacud Crokes 0-23vs1-6Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
19:30Raheny 2-12vs3-13St Margarets More
19:30St Finians (N) 3-13vs1-13Skerries Harps More
19:30St Judes 0-20vs2-11Thomas Davis More
19:30St Oliver Plunketts ER 2-10vs3-12St Vincents More
19:30Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 1-12vs2-12Raheny More
19:30Man O War 2-11vs2-15St Judes More
19:30Skerries Harps 1-8vs4-13St Vincents More
19:30St Finians (N) 3-11vs1-12Clann Mhuire More
19:30St Finians (S) 0-11vs1-9Cuala More
19:30St Margarets 5-16vs2-8Castleknock More
19:30St Monicas 3-14vs1-10St Oliver Plunketts ER More
19:30Thomas Davis 2-10vs3-13Kilmacud Crokes More
19:30St Oliver Plunketts ER 2-10vs2-18St Finians (S) Agreed by Both Cubs More
19:30St Vincents 1-16vs1-10St Monicas Agreed by Both Clubs More
10:30Castleknock 0-16vs6-9Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
10:30Clann Mhuire 1-16vs0-9Skerries Harps More
10:30Cuala 3-7vs2-11St Margarets More
10:30Kilmacud Crokes 1-8vs1-10Man O War More
10:30Raheny 3-11vs1-15Thomas Davis More
10:30St Judes 5-12vs0-10St Finians (N) More
19:15Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 2-18vs1-11Cuala More
19:15Clann Mhuire 0-17vs2-8St Judes More
19:15Man O War 1-10vs0-10Raheny More
19:15Skerries Harps 4-14vs2-10St Monicas More
19:15St Finians (N) 0-10vs1-7Kilmacud Crokes More
19:15St Finians (S) 0-15vs0-10St Vincents More
19:15St Margarets 4-19vs2-7St Oliver Plunketts ER More
19:15Thomas Davis 1-7vs0-13Castleknock More
18:30Castleknock 1-9vs1-13Man O War More
18:30Cuala -vs-Thomas Davis Conceded by Thomas DavisMore
18:30Kilmacud Crokes 3-2vs1-16Clann Mhuire More
18:30Raheny 3-7vs0-11St Finians (N) More
18:30St Judes 0-16vs0-12Skerries Harps More
18:30St Monicas 2-11vs1-12St Finians (S) More
18:30St Oliver Plunketts ER 0-9vs4-15Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
18:30St Vincents -vs-St Margarets Not Played. Awarded to St MargaretsMore
19:15Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 4-14vs2-7St Vincents More
19:15Clann Mhuire 2-10vs0-7Raheny More
19:15Man O War 1-9vs0-10Cuala More
19:15Skerries Harps 4-11vs1-10St Finians (S) More
19:15St Margarets 5-17vs1-4St Monicas More
19:15Thomas Davis 0-5vs0-12St Oliver Plunketts ER More
19:15St Judes 4-12vs0-13Kilmacud Crokes Agreed by Clubs More
18:15Castleknock 2-10vs3-10Clann Mhuire More
18:15Cuala 1-12vs2-10St Finians (N) More
18:15Kilmacud Crokes 1-8vs3-12Skerries Harps More
18:15Raheny 1-11vs1-10St Judes More
18:15St Finians (S) 0-10vs1-12St Margarets More
18:15St Monicas 1-10vs2-15Clanna Gael-Fontenoy More
18:15St Oliver Plunketts ER -vs-Man O War Conceded by St Oliver Plunketts ERMore
18:15St Vincents 4-16vs3-8Thomas Davis More
17:00Clanna Gael-Fontenoy 3-18vs0-7St Finians (S) More
17:00Thomas Davis -vs-St Margarets Conceded by Thomas DavisMore
16:30Clann Mhuire 1-15vs1-14Cuala More
16:30St Margarets 1-17vs1-10Skerries Harps More
16:30Thomas Davis -vs-St Monicas Conceded by Thomas DavisMore
19:45St Finians (N) 1-5vs3-17Castleknock Agreed by Both Clubs More
11:00Kilmacud Crokes -vs-Raheny Conceded by RahenyMore
11:00Man O War 0-9vs2-12St Vincents More
11:00St Judes -vs-Castleknock Conceded by St JudesMore
15:00Man O War 3-13vs0-4Clann Mhuire Promotion Playoff ETMore
11:00Skerries Harps 1-15vs0-9St Oliver Plunketts ER Relegation Extra timeMore
St Finians (N) -vs-St Oliver Plunketts ER Round 15More