Under 14's Girls


On Monday, June 12th, St Margaret’s GAA will celebrate the inaugural Girls Football Tournament Girls from four national schools (St Margrets, Kilcoskan, Mary Queen of Ireland, Milverton) will participate, and …

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U14 girl’s enjoying a great Gaelic 4 Teens session with Máire O’Shaughnessy earlier this evening 👏

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A great win today to finish off our U14 girls league campaign. All girls played really well and battled hard in a sweltering 26 degrees 😎🏜️. A huge thank you …

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Well done girls. A great team performance today with contributions from every one of our 21 player panel.

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Missing our goalkeeper meant stand ins by 3 different players, a big thank you to the 3 girls for stepping forward to play in goal. Clannagael made it difficult for …

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The girls enjoyed a well deserved cool down swim after their match earlier today. O’Dwyers pitch couldn’t be more perfectly located to enjoy a post match run and jump into …

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Last night our U14 girls had their first match since last year. It was great to see them back in action. There were loads of positives to take for the …

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The countdown is on, club matches are are only one week away 🙂 https://youtu.be/gsT-YD0xYc8

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Big happy birthday to our U14 girls team mentor Martin Lumley – 40 years young. Martin was delighted with all the fuss the girls made about his birthday. The team …

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Well done to our U14 girls for the dedication they continue to show to training. Despite lockdown they continue their team training albeit via Zoom. 6th night of Zoom training …

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There will be a bus leaving from the Brook Inn at 2pm (leaving town to return at 6pm) Sunday September 15th going to and from the Ladies All Ireland Final. …

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Under 14's Girls

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Go-Ahead Adult Cup 7BN
St Margarets431010
Na Fianna C42107
Trinity Gaels42026
Scoil Ui Chonaill B40020
St Brendans B40030
Go-Ahead Adult Cup Division 7b n
19:30Scoil Ui Chonaill B0-13vs2-17Trinity Gaels More
19:30St Brendans B1-1vs8-10Na Fianna CMore
19:30Na Fianna C5-7vs2-16St Margarets More
19:30Trinity Gaels 7-13vs0-1St Brendans BMore
19:30Na Fianna C8-18vs1-6Trinity Gaels More
19:30St Margarets 8-18vs1-9Scoil Ui Chonaill BMore
20:00St Margarets 8-19vs1-11St Brendans BMore
20:00Trinity Gaels 5-7vs3-17St Margarets More
15:00St Brendans B-vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill BVoid matchMore
19:30Scoil Ui Chonaill B-vs-Na Fianna CVoid matchMore
Under 14's Girls

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Under 14 Division 5 Championship
Ballymun Kickhams540183533012
St Judes530213082489
Ballyboden St Endas B53029476189
St Brigids B5302767069
St Margarets520371108-376
Foxrock Cabinteely B5005469-650
Under 14 Division 5 Championship
19:15Ballymun Kickhams 5-6vs1-8Ballyboden St Endas BMore
19:15Foxrock Cabinteely B0-3vs5-13St Margarets More
19:15St Judes 1-3vs3-8St Brigids BMore
18:45St Brigids B-vs-Foxrock Cabinteely BConceded by Foxrock Cabinteely BMore
19:00Ballyboden St Endas B4-6vs9-8St Judes More
19:00St Margarets 0-1vs1-9Ballymun Kickhams More
18:30Ballyboden St Endas B4-9vs4-5St Brigids BMore
18:30Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Foxrock Cabinteely BConceded by Foxrock Cabinteely BMore
18:30St Judes 11-4vs3-8St Margarets More
13:00Ballymun Kickhams 7-8vs2-5St Judes More
13:00Foxrock Cabinteely B-vs-Ballyboden St Endas BConceded by Foxrock Cabinteely BMore
13:00St Margarets 3-13vs2-6St Brigids BMore
13:00Ballyboden St Endas B11-11vs1-0St Margarets More
13:00St Brigids B8-6vs4-9Ballymun Kickhams More
13:00St Judes 9-14vs0-1Foxrock Cabinteely BMore
Under 14's Girls

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Under 14 Division 6
Cuala B880024
St Margarets860218
Na Fianna B840412
O Dwyers832311
Erin Go Bragh831410
Kilmacud Crokes B83059
Raheny B83059
Castleknock B82248
St Finians Newcastle81164
Under 14 Division 6
13:00Cuala B4-7vs3-3St Margarets More
13:00Na Fianna B3-4vs2-4Erin Go Bragh More
13:00St Finians Newcastle 5-1vs2-10O Dwyers More
16:00Raheny B2-8vs3-3Kilmacud Crokes BMore
13:00O Dwyers 5-7vs2-1Erin Go Bragh More
13:00Raheny B1-8vs8-7Castleknock BMore
12:00Cuala B6-7vs1-2Raheny BMore
13:00Castleknock B3-10vs0-7Na Fianna BMore
13:00St Margarets 7-18vs0-4St Finians Newcastle More
18:00O Dwyers 6-4vs5-6Na Fianna BMore
12:00Erin Go Bragh 3-4vs3-4Castleknock BMore
13:00Na Fianna B2-4vs2-8St Margarets Refix 11/03More
16:00Kilmacud Crokes B2-11vs2-4O Dwyers Refix 25/03More
19:00Erin Go Bragh 4-3vs2-3Kilmacud Crokes BMore
19:00Na Fianna B2-2vs8-5Cuala BMore
19:00O Dwyers 2-8vs3-4St Margarets More
11:00St Finians Newcastle -vs-Castleknock BConceded by Castleknock BMore
19:00Erin Go Bragh 3-6vs2-6Raheny BRefix 6/04More
19:00Kilmacud Crokes B3-8vs5-6Cuala BMore
19:30Erin Go Bragh 5-8vs1-4St Finians Newcastle Refix 04/03More
19:30Castleknock B1-4vs1-5Cuala BRefix 04/03More
17:00Kilmacud Crokes B4-3vs6-6Na Fianna BRefix 04/03More
19:30St Margarets 7-20vs3-9Castleknock BMore
19:30Cuala B10-17vs0-0St Finians Newcastle More
13:15St Margarets 6-10vs2-2Erin Go Bragh More
13:00Raheny B0-2vs2-10Na Fianna BMore
15:00Castleknock B6-3vs6-3O Dwyers More
19:30St Finians Newcastle 2-4vs6-6Kilmacud Crokes BRefix 11/03More
19:30St Margarets 3-12vs0-3Raheny BRefix 04/03More
19:30Castleknock B-vs-Kilmacud Crokes BConceded by Castleknock BMore
19:30Cuala B-vs-Erin Go Bragh Conceded by Erin Go BraghMore
19:30Na Fianna B2-9vs0-2St Finians Newcastle More
19:30Kilmacud Crokes B0-13vs3-8St Margarets More
19:30St Finians Newcastle -vs-Raheny BConceded by St Finians (N)More
19:30O Dwyers 2-0vs10-7Cuala BMore
19:30Raheny B-vs-O Dwyers Conceded by O DwyersMore