Under 16's Boys


Under 16 Boys fixtures, results and tables now available season long in the Under 16s boys section.

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Under 16's Boys

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Thomas Ashe (Amalgamation with St Finians)

Fingallians A3210494185
St Peters32013037-74
Thomas Davis A22003718194
St Maurs32014430144
St Vincents A3111221843
Thomas Ashe2101433582
Templeogue Synge Street A30213150-192
Ballymun Kickhams1001415-110
Whitehall Colmcille30032953-240
U16 Football League Div.2
15:00St Maurs 4-7vs3-5Whitehall Colmcille More
15:00St Peters 2-9vs0-4Ballymun Kickhams More
15:00St Vincents A1-6vs1-8Fingallians AMore
15:00Thomas Ashe 8-10vs4-3Templeogue Synge Street AMore
15:00Thomas Davis A2-10vs1-7Castleknock More
15:00Ballymun Kickhams -vs-St Maurs More
15:00Castleknock -vs-St Vincents AMore
15:00Fingallians A-vs-St Peters More
15:00Templeogue Synge Street A-vs-Thomas Davis AMore
15:00Whitehall Colmcille -vs-Thomas Ashe More
14:00Fingallians A4-10vs4-4Castleknock More
14:30St Peters 1-4vs0-5St Maurs More
14:30St Vincents A-vs-Templeogue Synge Street AMore
14:30Thomas Ashe -vs-Ballymun Kickhams not playedMore
14:30Thomas Davis A5-6vs0-8Whitehall Colmcille More
15:00Castleknock 5-13vs0-8St Peters More
15:00St Maurs 6-2vs1-6Thomas Ashe More
15:00Templeogue Synge Street A2-10vs2-10Fingallians AMore
15:00Whitehall Colmcille 0-7vs1-10St Vincents AMore
15:15Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Thomas Davis AMore
15:00Castleknock -vs-Templeogue Synge Street AMore
15:00Fingallians A-vs-Whitehall Colmcille More
15:00St Peters -vs-Thomas Ashe More
15:00St Vincents A-vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
15:00Thomas Davis A-vs-St Maurs More
15:30Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Fingallians AMore
15:30St Maurs -vs-St Vincents AMore
15:30Templeogue Synge Street A-vs-St Peters More
15:30Thomas Ashe -vs-Thomas Davis AMore
15:30Whitehall Colmcille -vs-Castleknock More
19:00Castleknock -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More
19:00Fingallians A-vs-St Maurs More
19:00St Peters -vs-Thomas Davis AMore
19:00St Vincents A-vs-Thomas Ashe More
19:00Templeogue Synge Street A-vs-Whitehall Colmcille More
19:30Ballymun Kickhams -vs-Templeogue Synge Street AMore
19:30St Maurs -vs-Castleknock More
19:30Thomas Ashe -vs-Fingallians AMore
19:30Thomas Davis A-vs-St Vincents AMore
19:30Whitehall Colmcille -vs-St Peters More
19:30Castleknock -vs-Thomas Ashe More
19:30Fingallians A-vs-Thomas Davis AMore
19:30St Vincents A-vs-St Peters More
19:30Templeogue Synge Street A-vs-St Maurs More
19:30Whitehall Colmcille -vs-Ballymun Kickhams More