Rules & Regulations

Below you’ll find terms and conditions for the St Margarets Online lottery.

  1. The lotto service we use is located at – here you can registration, login, play, check results.
  2. You must register once before you can play our lotto. You can register with your phone number or email.
  3. Thereafter you can play each week here.
  4. The first time you play – you add your payment details and add funds to your account. You can then immediately play.
  5. There are several playing options – for example you can auto play each week with the same numbers / random numbers,  you can auto top up when your funds are low or you can choose to play manually each week.
  6. The lotto runs each Sunday at 8pm.
  7. The lotto closes 15 minutes before this time – no tickets can be purchased in this time.
  8. You can purchase tickets for the lotto here.
  9. You can check results here post draw.
  10. A social communication (Website, Facebook and Twitter) will be made following the draw alerting the public to the results of the draw.
  11. There are 3 elements to each draw – the Jackpot (at the time of writing – €10,000) is a matching of 4 numbers, Match 3 is a matching of 3 numbers, Match 2 is a matching of 2 members. There are also 4 guaranteed Lucky dip winners (usually €20).
  12. A Jackpot, Match 3, Match 2 will be paid out to the winner. Lucky dip winners will have their winnings credited to their account – and will not be paid out.