Every Step Counts – 167Km clocked and 29th in Leinster!

Will you join us and contribute your steps?

Can we collectively clock 4,000 km (distance around Ireland) in 7 weeks?

Tracking your efforts is easy – don’t worry (specific instructions below)! – download an app and start walking!

Apple Store

Google Play Store


1) Download the app from your store above

2) Register (takes 2-3 mins)

3) When you’re registered – locate the ‘Social‘ tab (bottom on iOS, in burger menu on Android)

4) Select ‘Challenges‘ then the ‘Leinster GAA – Every Step Counts‘ challenge

5) Tap on ‘Join‘ (mid way down) & select ‘St Margarets GAA‘ and ‘Accept‘ TnCs

For more information click here.


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