St Margarets Movember 2020 – how it works!

We’re almost ready to go – this Sunday is the start of the campaign – so you’ve 2 days to decide if you’re in or out – please be in! Here’s a recap of our campaign and why we’re doing it, what’s expected of you, and your key dates and what to do on those dates.

Why are we doing this

  • The crack! Be proud of your weapon! Walk tall!
  • Raise awareness for mens mental health
  • Raise money for Pieta House – our chosen charity for this campaign

What’s expected of you

It’s simple …

  • The basic idea is that lads will appear in public in November with their weapon of choice. This can start with a clean shave or if you have a beard already – create your starting weapon from it – and groom that baby throughout.
  • We’ll ask you to submit 4 photos over the course of November after your initial photo at the beginning – so recap – 1 at the start, 1 at the end and 3 in between! You’ll be asked each time to select the weapon you’re aiming for – we’ll use this as part of the judging at the end to see if you’re dreaming?
  • All your weapon submissions can be submitted here. Don’t worry – we’ll remind you on the Saturday before each Sunday via email and will provide you with all the information and links you need – no excuses!
  • Each time you submit, your weapon will be added to a collage of weapons here. We’ll use this as a basis to judge the bests weapons and we’ll promote the campaign using this to raise funds for Pieta House
  • At the end of the month – we’ll have a shave off (venue to be decided) – and we’ll have a very special prize for the best weapon. Hopefully we’ll be out of lock down at that point and may have a few beers where we can bid fair well to our November babies.

Key dates and what to do

Initially ..

  • 01/11/2020 (Sun) – start (after your initial shave)

… then end of each week, submit your weapon …

  • Week 1 – 08-11-2020 (Sun)
  • Week 2 – 15-11-2020 (Sun)
  • Week 3 – 22-11-2020 (Sun)
  • Week 4 – 29-11-2020 (Sun)

… then finally the big shave – say good bye your November pal …

  • To be announced


The following links are always available throughout the course of November ..

  • Head Quarters – we’ll post our progression weapon chart here and useful tips for looking after your weapons
  • Growth Submission – this is where you’ll submit your photos 5 times
  • Progress Chart – this is where your weapons will appear and this collage will grow (with your weapons) over the month
  • How it works – a recap of how this works and why we’re doing it

Weapons you can choose

You’ll be asked to choose one of these babies each time you submit …


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