Know your Sport … final week 7 fixtures – entries open Thursday @ 12 noon

Can Michael Kennedy (128 pts) keep (124 pts) John Rogers off his tail?

Can Tucker Daly (123), Popeye Byrne (122) & Tommy Flood (120) make up the ground?

Can Charlie Madigan (118), Damien Clarke (118) or even Marc McKenna (116), Drew Barnwell (115), Pat Strich (114) or Nigel Kennedy (114) STILL be in with a chance??

Remember 5 points for a draw and the Dublin Mayo fixture being the 10 point Deccy Dingler! Loads of opportunity to catch up so who knows!

Final Week 7 predictions open tomorrow@ 12 noon.

€990 has been raised in total (€610 from Know Your Sport and an unclaimed €390 from Last Man Standing) with €500 available for prize money and €490 going into the club finances.

Winner – €400, Runner-up – €100

In the event of a tiebreak for 1st place an additional round of fixtures will apply to the tied entrants ONLY.

In the event of a tie-break for 2nd place, runner-up prize will be shared

Final Fixtures



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