Join the St Margarets Euro millions Lotto Syndicate! Imagine you missed out?

Welcome to the St Margarets GAA Lotto Syndicate

Over the 3 months of cold cold Winter (Nov, Dec, Jan), St Margarets GAA will trial our first Euro Millions lotto syndicate! Syndicates for fundraising are the new thing at the moment and we’d like to not miss out on any opportunities!

This is our 1st attempt at this so please don’t miss out!

Imagine Mary Madigan driving around in a Bentley, or Deccy Cowley with a gold tooth?

Nessa Madigan with a Chiwawa in her training bag?

What about Popeye Byrne walking into training with a Mink coat?

Or John Farrell with a gold medallion at a committee meeting?

John Fitz collecting Ivan ‘Brolly’ in a helicopter to coach the grasshoppers on a Saturday morning?

Our chairman Aidan Conaty on an executive Zoom call speaking from his yacht on the French riviera?

What about Finbar Shanahan refereeing a Leinster final with a diamond ear ring?

Would you want to miss out?

Here’s how it works

  • The competition is the Euro Millions
  • We will run several 3 month syndicate cycles – starting with the Winter 2021-2022 syndicate starting Nov 1st 2021 and ending Jan 31st 2022
  • To join a syndicate cycle – simply complete the form with a payment of €50
  • Once submitted – you are a member of that cycle. You will receive an email confirmation for your records in the case of any disputes.
  • Membership is strictly the time indicated in the cycle – ie you cannot join the Winter (Nov-Jan) cycle after Oct 31st 2021 @ 11:59pm
  • This is primarily a fundraising campaign with 60% of the fund being donated to St Margarets GAA for the running of its teams. The other 40% is owned by the syndicate cycle members
  • In the event of any cycle winnings – fund will be divided up equally among members at the end
  • All member communication will take place via a private Whatsapp group. You will be added to this group when you enter a cycle
  • Lotto tickets will be purchased on each Euro Millions draw day. The amount of draws and the number if lines in each draw will be calculated according to the fund in that particular cycle
  • All tickets will be quick picks
  • Tickets will be posted on the communication group on the day of the draw
  • Results can be checked on the Euro Millions site but will be posted on the group if any winnings
  • If you’ve any queries – simply email – and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

First up is the Winter 2021-2022 (Nov – Jan) cycle …

  • There are 26 draws
  • Entries close for this cycle Oct 31st 2021 at 11:59pm and will not re-open until Feb 1st 2022 at 12:01am

Here’s an example of some figures …

  • Using the 40%/60% rule – 100 members (€50/member) will generate €5000 – St Margarets GAA will receive €3000 (60%) and the fund will own €2000.
  • Based on this fund of €2000 and 26 draws – that’s €76 a draw and equates to 25 lines with the plus or 30 lines without (1 line with the plus is €3 and 1 line without is €2.50).

Ready to Join?

Join Now

Please note – this is NOT replacing our weekly lotto (by the way – play now here)

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