Under 16's Girls


Great start to the league with a hard fought win away to Kilmacud Crokes.

Training indoors at 19:30 in St Margarets. First league match next Sunday March 1st at earlier time of 16:00 at home.

Under 16 Girls (Under 16 Division 5) fixtures, results and tables now available for the season.

Under 16's Girls

Fixtures, Results & Tables

St Margarets11003
St Brigids B11003
Ballyboden St Endas B11003
Cuala B10010
Thomas Davis B10010
Kilmacud Crokes B10010
Fingallians B10010
Under 16 Division 5
16:00Cuala B3-8vs3-9Ballyboden St Endas BMore
16:00Kilmacud Crokes B5-4vs12-5St Margarets More
16:00Parnells 12-18vs4-5Fingallians BMore
16:00St Brigids B7-4vs2-3Thomas Davis BMore
16:30Ballyboden St Endas B-vs-St Margarets More
16:30Cuala B-vs-Thomas Davis BMore
16:30Kilmacud Crokes B-vs-Fingallians BMore
16:30St Brigids B-vs-Parnells More
16:30Fingallians B-vs-Cuala BMore
16:30Parnells -vs-St Margarets More
16:30St Brigids B-vs-Kilmacud Crokes BMore
16:30Thomas Davis B-vs-Ballyboden St Endas BMore
16:30Ballyboden St Endas B-vs-Parnells More
16:30Fingallians B-vs-St Brigids BMore
16:30St Margarets -vs-Cuala BMore
16:30Thomas Davis B-vs-Kilmacud Crokes BMore
Ballyboden St Endas B-vs-Fingallians BDEFERREDMore
Ballyboden St Endas B-vs-Kilmacud Crokes BDEFERREDMore
Cuala B-vs-Parnells DEFERREDMore
Cuala B-vs-St Brigids BDEFERREDMore
Fingallians B-vs-St Margarets DEFERREDMore
Kilmacud Crokes B-vs-Cuala BDEFERREDMore
Kilmacud Crokes B-vs-Parnells DEFERREDMore
Parnells -vs-Thomas Davis BDEFERREDMore
St Brigids B-vs-Ballyboden St Endas BDEFERREDMore
St Margarets -vs-St Brigids BDEFERREDMore
St Margarets -vs-Thomas Davis BDEFERREDMore
Thomas Davis B-vs-Fingallians BDEFERREDMore