Under 12's Boys


Well done to our U12 team who finished 2nd in the league. Great result, onwards and upwards [Image]

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Under 12's Boys

Fixtures, Results & Tables

O Dwyers990018
St Margarets970214
Scoil Ui Chonaill970214
Fingallians 2950410
St Oliver Plunkett ER 294149
St Vincents 394058
Beann Eadair 294058
Round Towers (C) 292074
Naomh Barrog 291173
Thomas Davis 291082
U12 Football League Div.7
12:15O Dwyers -vs-Fingallians 2Conceded by Fingallians 2More
12:15St Margarets 8-8vs2-10St Oliver Plunkett ER 2More
12:15St Vincents 312-24vs0-2Naomh Barrog 2More
12:15Thomas Davis 21-1vs7-9Round Towers (C) 2More
12:30Scoil Ui Chonaill 9-12vs2-3Beann Eadair 2More
12:15Beann Eadair 26-14vs1-1Thomas Davis 2More
12:15Fingallians 23-3vs6-6St Vincents 3More
12:15Naomh Barrog 21-4vs6-5St Margarets More
12:15Round Towers (C) 21-6vs0-11O Dwyers More
12:15St Oliver Plunkett ER 22-4vs9-12Scoil Ui Chonaill Please advise result by returnMore
19:30Naomh Barrog 21-2vs9-11Beann Eadair 2orig 07/07More
19:30Thomas Davis 21-3vs4-10St Oliver Plunkett ER 2orig 16/06More
12:15Naomh Barrog 20-3vs8-7Fingallians 2More
12:15O Dwyers 2-11vs3-6Beann Eadair 2More
12:15St Margarets 5-9vs2-4Scoil Ui Chonaill More
12:15St Vincents 310-6vs1-3Round Towers (C) 2More
11:00Fingallians 26-8vs7-3St Margarets More
12:15Round Towers (C) 22-3vs2-4Naomh Barrog 2More
12:15Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-Thomas Davis 2Conceded by Thomas Davis 2More
12:15St Oliver Plunkett ER 23-8vs7-7O Dwyers More
19:30Beann Eadair 27-10vs1-5St Vincents 3orig 23/06More
12:15Fingallians 27-10vs2-7Round Towers (C) 2More
12:15O Dwyers 8-16vs0-1Scoil Ui Chonaill More
12:15St Margarets -vs-Thomas Davis 2Conceded by Thomas Davis 2More
12:15St Vincents 36-3vs6-13St Oliver Plunkett ER 2More
19:30Beann Eadair 22-4vs3-7Fingallians 2orig 01/09More
12:15Round Towers (C) 21-3vs7-12St Margarets More
12:15Scoil Ui Chonaill 2-8vs1-8St Vincents 3More
12:15St Oliver Plunkett ER 24-11vs4-11Naomh Barrog 2More
12:15Thomas Davis 20-0vs4-9O Dwyers More
11:00Round Towers (C) 29-3vs0-6Beann Eadair 2More
12:15Fingallians 20-4vs2-5St Oliver Plunkett ER 2More
12:15Naomh Barrog 20-5vs6-9Scoil Ui Chonaill More
12:15St Margarets 5-10vs10-14O Dwyers More
12:15St Vincents 38-9vs2-2Thomas Davis 2More
12:15Beann Eadair 23-7vs9-2St Margarets More
12:15O Dwyers 3-8vs3-6St Vincents 3More
12:15Scoil Ui Chonaill 3-5vs2-4Fingallians 2More
12:15St Oliver Plunkett ER 26-12vs3-6Round Towers (C) 2More
12:15Thomas Davis 21-6vs0-6Naomh Barrog 2More
11:00Beann Eadair 2-vs-St Oliver Plunkett ER 2Conceded by Naomh OP-ER 2More
12:15Fingallians 213-14vs1-0Thomas Davis 2More
12:15Naomh Barrog 21-5vs5-18O Dwyers More
12:15Round Towers (C) 20-1vs5-10Scoil Ui Chonaill More
12:15St Vincents 30-2vs5-3St Margarets More
12:15Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-St Margarets Conceded by St MargaretsMore