Under 11's Mixed


U12 girls have their first league match at home v Donabate on Saturday March 2nd. Throw in at 1pm. All support welcome.

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Girls U10 – U12 Friendly match at home on Saturday February 9th against Donaghamore/Ashbourne. Throw in at12pm, meet at 11:30

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Girls U10, U11 & U12 Training Tomorrow Night 7 to 8 Will decide on indoor or outdoor depending on temperature.

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Girls U10, U11 & U12 Training Tomorrow Night 7 to 8. Dress warm, no shorts without leggings underneath and wear gloves. Hot chocolate ☕ for everyone after training.

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Fair play to our dedicated girls teams. We had 24 players at training tonight despite the bitterly cold weather.

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First challenge matches of the year for our U11 & U12 girls v Ravens. Some great football played by all teams. Lots of photos to capture some exciting moments. Well done to all involved.

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First friendly of the new season is on this Saturday. Throw in 1pm. Match is for U11 & U12 girls (Born 2007 & 2008) All support welcome.

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Fantastic morning for St. Margarets U11’s to be training down in Meakstown. It’s important to do this as six of our players are from the area and we would love to attract more kids from the area to play GAA with the club. We are currently running a nursery every Saturday in Meakstown and every …

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We played 15 aside match which was something new for our players but they were all outstanding. Lovely fresh morning out on the conyngham road and from when the referee ( our own Alan Cowley!!) blew the whistle we were on top. They competed really well today which is always the most important thing. [Image] …

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We are playing away to St. Brendan’s in the morning. We will meet in the complex @ 9am with a plan to leave @ 9:15am. If going direction, aim to be at the pitch for 9:30am. Please ensure your child has a hearty breakfast and that they have both water and gum shield with them …

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We host Erin Go Bragh in the league. Please ensure all children have water and gum-shield with them. They have big numbers, so please ensure your child is available to play if possible. Try to arrive no later than 10:40am. See you in the morning.

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On a fabulous morning out in Malahide the U’11’s played the home team in a league match. It was a great start back after our summer break and sets us up well for the remainder of the league. As a management group we agreed it would be no harm to increase training to two nights …

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Under 11's Mixed

Fixtures, Results & Tables

Scoil Ui Chonaill00000000
Lucan Sarsfields 200000000
St Patricks (P)00000000
Na Dubh Ghall00000000
St Sylvesters 200000000
Round Towers (L)00000000
Man O War00000000
St Marys S00000000
St Brendans00000000
St Margarets00000000
Erin Go Bragh00000000
Geraldine P Moran00000000
Castleknock 200000000
U11 Football Gp.2Y (2 Team) All County
11:00Man O War -vs-Castleknock 2More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Lucan Sarsfields 2More
11:00Parnells -vs-Round Towers (L) More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-St Marys S More
11:00St Margarets -vs-St Sylvesters 2More
11:00St Patricks (P) -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
11:45Geraldine P Moran -vs-St Brendans More
11:00Castleknock 2-vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Margarets More
11:00Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-Geraldine P Moran More
11:00Round Towers (L) -vs-Man O War More
11:00St Brendans -vs-St Patricks (P) More
11:00St Marys S -vs-Parnells More
11:00St Sylvesters 2-vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
11:00Geraldine P Moran -vs-St Patricks (P) More
11:00Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-Castleknock 2More
11:00Man O War -vs-St Marys S More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Round Towers (L) More
11:00Parnells -vs-St Sylvesters 2More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
11:00St Margarets -vs-St Brendans More
11:00Castleknock 2-vs-Geraldine P Moran More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-Parnells More
11:00St Brendans -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
11:00St Sylvesters 2-vs-Man O War More
11:30St Marys S -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
12:15Round Towers (L) -vs-Lucan Sarsfields 2More
12:30St Patricks (P) -vs-St Margarets More
10:45Geraldine P Moran -vs-St Margarets More
11:00Castleknock 2-vs-Round Towers (L) More
11:00Man O War -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-St Sylvesters 2More
11:00Parnells -vs-St Brendans More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-St Patricks (P) More
12:15Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-St Marys S More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
11:00Round Towers (L) -vs-Geraldine P Moran More
11:00St Brendans -vs-Man O War More
11:00St Margarets -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
11:00St Sylvesters 2-vs-Lucan Sarsfields 2More
11:30St Marys S -vs-Castleknock 2More
11:30St Patricks (P) -vs-Parnells More
10:45Geraldine P Moran -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
11:00Castleknock 2-vs-St Sylvesters 2More
11:00Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-Erin Go Bragh More
11:00Man O War -vs-St Patricks (P) More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-St Brendans More
11:00Parnells -vs-St Margarets More
11:00Round Towers (L) -vs-St Marys S More
10:00St Brendans -vs-Lucan Sarsfields 2More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-Castleknock 2More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-Parnells More
11:00St Margarets -vs-Man O War More
11:00St Marys S -vs-Geraldine P Moran More
11:00St Sylvesters 2-vs-Round Towers (L) More
12:15St Patricks (P) -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
10:00St Brendans -vs-Geraldine P Moran More
11:00Castleknock 2-vs-Man O War More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Patricks (P) More
11:00Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
11:00Round Towers (L) -vs-Parnells More
11:00St Marys S -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
11:00St Sylvesters 2-vs-St Margarets More
10:45Geraldine P Moran -vs-Lucan Sarsfields 2More
11:00Man O War -vs-Round Towers (L) More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Castleknock 2More
11:00Parnells -vs-St Marys S More
11:00St Margarets -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
11:00St Patricks (P) -vs-St Brendans More
12:15Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-St Sylvesters 2More
18:30Castleknock 2-vs-Lucan Sarsfields 2orig 29/09More
11:00Round Towers (L) -vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
11:00St Brendans -vs-St Margarets More
11:00St Marys S -vs-Man O War More
11:00St Sylvesters 2-vs-Parnells More
12:15St Patricks (P) -vs-Geraldine P Moran More
11:00Geraldine P Moran -vs-Castleknock 2More
11:00Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-Round Towers (L) More
11:00Na Dubh Ghall -vs-St Marys S More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-St Brendans More
11:00St Margarets -vs-St Patricks (P) More
11:30Parnells -vs-Erin Go Bragh More
12:15Man O War -vs-St Sylvesters 2More
10:00St Brendans -vs-Parnells More
11:00Erin Go Bragh -vs-Man O War More
11:00Round Towers (L) -vs-Castleknock 2More
11:00St Margarets -vs-Geraldine P Moran More
11:00St Marys S -vs-Lucan Sarsfields 2More
11:00St Patricks (P) -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
11:00St Sylvesters 2-vs-Na Dubh Ghall More
Castleknock 2-vs-Parnells Round 13More
Castleknock 2-vs-St Brendans Round 9More
Castleknock 2-vs-St Margarets Round 11More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-Geraldine P Moran Round 12More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Brendans Round 13More
Erin Go Bragh -vs-St Marys S Round 10More
Geraldine P Moran -vs-Man O War Round 11More
Geraldine P Moran -vs-Parnells Round 9More
Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-Man O War Round 13More
Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill Round 11More
Lucan Sarsfields 2-vs-St Patricks (P) Round 9More
Man O War -vs-Na Dubh Ghall Round 12More
Man O War -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill Round 9More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Geraldine P Moran Round 13More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-Parnells Round 11More
Na Dubh Ghall -vs-St Margarets Round 9More
Parnells -vs-Lucan Sarsfields 2Round 12More
Parnells -vs-Man O War Round 10More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Erin Go Bragh Round 9More
Round Towers (L) -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill Round 13More
Round Towers (L) -vs-St Patricks (P) Round 11More
Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-Castleknock 2Round 12More
Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-Na Dubh Ghall Round 10More
St Brendans -vs-Round Towers (L) Round 10More
St Brendans -vs-St Sylvesters 2Round 12More
St Margarets -vs-Lucan Sarsfields 2Round 10More
St Margarets -vs-Round Towers (L) Round 12More
St Marys S -vs-St Brendans Round 11More
St Marys S -vs-St Margarets Round 13More
St Marys S -vs-St Sylvesters 2Round 9More
St Patricks (P) -vs-Castleknock 2Round 10More
St Patricks (P) -vs-St Marys S Round 12More
St Sylvesters 2-vs-Erin Go Bragh Round 11More
St Sylvesters 2-vs-Geraldine P Moran Round 10More
St Sylvesters 2-vs-St Patricks (P) Round 13More