Well done to Lauren Mc Donnell who was selected to play in the Dublin All Stars competition today. Lauren played very well and scored a goal.

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Ladies training tomorrow night 7:30 to 8:30 on pitch. Strength and conditioning on Wednesday night. 7:30 to 8:30 in hall. Wear runners on Wednesday.

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Ladies training starts back tomorrow night. Strength and conditioning 7:30 to 8:30 in the hall. Wear runners. New players very welcome.

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St. Margaret’s Ladies Team amalgamated with St. Finian’s Ladies Team for the 2018 season. This amalgamation ensured that players were not lost to the game. The season started out with low numbers and an uncertainty of survival. However due to the commitment of Paddy Finnegan and Denis O’Keefe and a number of rain, hail or …

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The Ladies team will play Castleknock on Wednesday night at home in the Cup Final. Throw in at 7:30.

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The ladies cup final is at home on Wednesday November 14th. Throw in 7:30.

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Ladies last league match this Wednesday at home to Castleknock throw in 7:30.

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A very well done to our Ladies team for their fantastic win last Wednesday in the cup semi final against St Monica’s. They won 4 18  to 2 5. Date of their final is to be confirmed.  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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Ladies will train Monday 7:30 to 9 in preparation for Wednesday’s Cup Semi Final at home. Throw in on Wednesday at 7:30.

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Ladies team came top of their group to secure a home advantage for the championship semi final.

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All of you who would like to support the Dublin Ladies in the All Ireland Final. We are organizing a bus from the complex. If you would like tickets for the game & would like to avail of the bus, please contact Nessa or Liam. Order must be in before Tuesday evening – Sept 4th. …

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Monday training in Ridgewood. Wednesday TBD. Very important to get a full turn out for training as we continue our workup to the Cup Semi Final

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Change of Venue for tomorrow’s semi final for our Ladies. They will take on Ballymun in Rivervalley in Swords at 7.30pm. All Support Welcome

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Fixtures, Results & Tables

Amalgamation with St Finians
St Monicas972023
Cuala B961219
Castleknock B953118
Skerries Harps B960318
Craobh Chiaran942314
St Finians Swords/St Margarets940512
St Sylvesters B931510
Stars of Erin92258
Fingal Ravens91356
Clanna Gael/Fontenoy B90090
Adult Division 6 League
18:30Castleknock B1-8vs1-8Craobh Chiaran More
18:30Stars of Erin 6-7vs7-9Cuala BMore
18:30St Finians Swords/St Margarets 3-7vs1-11Fingal Ravens More
18:30St Monicas -vs-Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BConceded by Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BMore
18:30St Sylvesters B2-5vs2-4Skerries Harps BMore
19:00Craobh Chiaran 1-7vs2-4Stars of Erin More
19:00Cuala B4-9vs3-4St Finians Swords/St Margarets Moved to bray emmetsMore
19:00Fingal Ravens 2-5vs4-7St Monicas More
19:15Skerries Harps B3-9vs1-4Castleknock BMore
19:15Castleknock B-vs-Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BConceded by Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BMore
19:15Craobh Chiaran 4-4vs4-6Skerries Harps BMore
19:15Stars of Erin 1-7vs2-8St Finians Swords/St Margarets More
19:15St Monicas 3-13vs5-7Cuala BMore
19:15St Sylvesters B2-5vs1-8Fingal Ravens More
19:30Clanna Gael/Fontenoy B0-1vs10-6Craobh Chiaran More
19:30Cuala B-vs-St Sylvesters BConceded by St Sylvesters BMore
19:30Fingal Ravens 2-16vs4-10Castleknock BMore
19:30St Finians Swords/St Margarets 1-4vs2-6St Monicas More
19:30Castleknock B7-11vs4-6Cuala BMore
19:30Craobh Chiaran 5-6vs2-5Fingal Ravens More
19:30Stars of Erin 1-2vs7-8St Monicas More
19:30St Sylvesters B7-3vs1-7St Finians Swords/St Margarets More
19:30Castleknock B5-8vs6-5St Monicas More
19:30Clanna Gael/Fontenoy B-vs-Fingal Ravens Conceded by Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BMore
19:30Craobh Chiaran 2-11vs1-10St Finians Swords/St Margarets More
19:30Stars of Erin 6-7vs1-8St Sylvesters BMore
19:30Skerries Harps B3-11vs2-5Cuala BRefix date to be decidedMore
19:30Cuala B-vs-Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BConceded by Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BMore
19:30Fingal Ravens 3-4vs3-4Stars of Erin More
19:30St Finians Swords/St Margarets 5-14vs1-8Skerries Harps BMore
19:30St Sylvesters B3-8vs7-5Castleknock BMore
19:30Castleknock B6-6vs4-4Stars of Erin More
19:30Clanna Gael/Fontenoy B-vs-St Finians Swords/St Margarets Conceded by Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BMore
19:30Craobh Chiaran -vs-St Sylvesters BConceded by St Sylvesters BMore
19:30Fingal Ravens 0-12vs10-9Cuala BMore
00:00Clanna Gael/Fontenoy B-vs-Stars of Erin Conceded by Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BMore
00:00Clanna Gael/Fontenoy B-vs-St Sylvesters BConceded by Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BMore
00:00Skerries Harps B-vs-Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BConceded by Clanna Gael/Fontenoy BMore
19:30St Monicas 0-13vs2-6Craobh Chiaran More
19:30Skerries Harps B4-4vs3-5Stars of Erin Game in Donabate Demesne PitchMore
19:30Skerries Harps B0-2vs3-6St Monicas Rescheduled More
18:30Cuala B-vs-Craobh Chiaran Conceded by Craobh ChiaranMore
18:30St Monicas -vs-St Sylvesters BConceded by St Sylvesters BMore
19:30Fingal Ravens 3-5vs1-12Skerries Harps BMore
19:30St Finians Swords/St Margarets 2-5vs9-15Castleknock BMore