Round 1 – Allianz National Football League – Fixtures

The Allianz National Football League Round 1 begins this week. Last man standing has now started and is now open. Have a think about your team.

Division 1

29/01 7pm Dublin v Armagh
30/01 Kildare v Kerry
30/01 Mayo v Donegal
30/01 Tyrone v Monaghan

Division 2

29/01 5pm Derry v Down
30/01 Clare v Offaly
30/01 Galway v Meath
30/01 Roscommon v Cork

Division 3

29/01 5pm Limerick v Longford
29/01 7pm Fermanagh v Antrim
30/01 Louth v Laois
30/01 Westmeath v Wicklow
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