Club Day 2021 – Hot Wing Challenge – have you got what it takes?

At 8:30pm on Sat 28th August at our Club Day 2021

There will be a Challenge like no other!

The Hot Wing Challenge 2021!

The hottest damn chicken wings you’re ever likely to come across!

Reaper, Scorpion, Ghost peppers and some special blends!


Contestants will be given a single or small portion of wings in each round (5-7 rounds) with a different level of heat (scovilles).

You have to finish each wing before you can move onto the next round and you CANNOT drink your milk until the end / you give up – which ever comes first.

We have sourced chillies from all over the world!

Round 1: The Grasshopper – 3,500 scovilles

Round 2: The Juvenile – 50,000 scovilles

Round 3: The Bone Shaker – 130,000 scovilles

Round 4: The Mind Wobbler – 180,000 scovilles

Round 5: The Coma – 357,000 scovilles

Round 6: The RIP – 500,000 scovilles

Further rounds may be added until there’s a winner!

We will supply the milk, gloves, tissues and bucket

Have you got what it takes to become the first ever 2021 St Margarets GAA Hot Wings Champion?

There’s a special prize for the winner!

Here’s a rough idea of how we’re going to run the challenge ..

We’re looking for contestants – please express your interest below …

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